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We present to you: Susanne Bareis


Only five more weeks until ICROM2! We would like to present to you a few of our speakers each week and the subject of their lecture. We start with Susanne Bareis, she is currently working at the Children-Pysiotherapy practice in Braunschweig, Germany.

She herself wanted to tell you more about her lecture “Physical therapy for children with symmetry disorder“:

“In my lecture I will discuss practical experiences of physical therapy treatment for children experiencing symmetry disorder. The key building blocks include an extensive inquiry into the patient's medical history, a structured inquiry of results and documentation, clearly defined therapy goals to which the parents have agreed, a hypothesis-based therapeutic approach and an evaluation review of therapy achievement.
The important terms here include close coordination with parental guardian(s) for achieving therapeutic goals, applied and realizable treatment, and a consistent, self-critical review of effectiveness.
This physical therapy approach will be represented with the help of numerous, concrete examples through photos and videos from the field.


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